My Family

My Family

26 August 2008

Precious Moments

Sunday Clara was not acting like her usual spunky self. She woke up pretty melancholy and did not have her usual voracious appetite. I thought she may be sick, but she didn't show any other signs until Monday AM when we went to get her up. Sometime after 12:30, but before 7 AM she had vomited, but she didn't cry. It was all over her sheets, clothes and hair. Poor baby!
James stayed home with the girls. Clara had diarrhea, but started eating better as the day went on. Amanda on the other hand did not want Mommy to go to work after lunch. She said "head hurt bad." I told her that I was really sorry her head hurt bad. "Back hurt bad."
Me - "Your back hurts bad too?"
Amanda - "Yeah. Knee hurt bad."
Me - "Wow, your knee hurts bad too?"
Amanda - "Yeah"
Me - "Well, if your head, back and knee hurt bad, you may need to go take a nap."
Amanda - "No, Wake! Mommy stay home. No work."
Me - wanting to cry... "Amanda, I am sorry, but I have a class I have to teach. I have to go to work. Daddy will be home with you. He will take care of you and I will be home in 3 hours."
She ended up being okay with me leaving. Thankfully.
When I got home at 5:30 PM James had supper ready for me and had already fed the girls, but he had to leave immediately for his Monday evening class. I didn't feel to well by this point. My tummy was not feeling very stable either. I was exhausted and really wanted to go to sleep. I ate a couple of bites and put the food away. I got the girls upstairs and put on my pajamas because I knew we wouldn't be leaving the house. Amanda saw what I was doing.
Amanda - "Mommy night night clothes."
Me - "Yeah, I'm putting on my night night clothes."
Amanda - "Me night night clothes too."
"You really want to put on your night night clothes now?"
"Yeah. Cla Cla night night clothes too?"
"Okay, we can put Clara's night night clothes too."
"Night Night Clothes, Night Night Pull up, Milk, Night night mommy's bed?"
"You want to put on your night night clothes, get some milk and go night night in Mommy's bed?"
Remember this is only 6 PM in the evening and I feel awful!
Me - "Okay, if that's what you want to do." I didn't really think anything that great could really happen, and it was even more unlikely that Clara was going to go along with it, but it was worth a shot. So, we went and put pajamas on both girls, went to the kitchen and got milk for Amanda and water for Clara, went to my bedroom and both girls climbed up in my bed and put their heads down saying "Night night. Night night." In their sweet little girl voices.
The girls have never slept in our bed here. There has been a couple of nights away from home when they got to sleep with us for a little bit, but they have never slept in our bed. I got in between them and they both cuddled up next to me. I said a silent prayer thanking God for however few minutes he was gracious enough to give me to rest. Both girls were very still. Amanda fell asleep first. Clara sat up, leaned on my side and stared out the bedroom door like she was keeping an eye out to make sure nothing was going to get us. She eventually relaxed and went to sleep.
It was truly miraculous, and it was on a night I really needed the rest. Thank you God!!! It was so sweet to have them both there next to me.
I did explain to them they could stay there until Daddy got home, then they would have to go to their beds. It went exceptionally smooth when he got home. We moved them, changed diapers and put them in their cribs. They both woke up feeling better today. I don't know if Amanda was ever really sick or not, but I think the 12 hours of sleep were good for all of us!


Lianne said...

Oh, wow, that does sound heavenly! I'm such a light sleeper, I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy it, because I'd be distracted, waiting for one of the kids to wake up. :) I'm so happy for you! :) Isn't sleep great?

Lee Ann said...

Wow, Im glad you got some much needed rest. Poor Clara. she must be a trooper to be so sick and not make a sound.